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26 Dec 08 MultiSelect ComboBox Component for Ext JS

Unable to find a ComboBox component for that would work in an Ext Grid, permit multiple selections, and support both local and remote datasources with multiple fields (one for display, one for the index), I set out to build my own some time back.

Note: Since I began working on this some time back, a similar Ext plugin was developed by another developer: see

Examples after the fold.


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05 Dec 08 AgileGallery OpenLaszlo Source Code

I just released the source code for the OpenLaszlo flash photo gallery on github. Enjoy!

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02 Nov 07 Groovy Http POST/GET Class

I was working on a project in and needed to do POST as well as read the response headers.

I was unable to find a suitable class or method for this in either Groovy or Java, so I wrote this class. It opens a socket to the requested host, and writes to the socket using getOutputStream() and PrintWriter(). It reads the response from the server using DataInputStream() and getInputStream().


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