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Stay Away from ZoneEdit, Horrible Experience

I was using ZoneEdit for a very important domain - until today that is. Suddenly all pages showed this error:

ZoneEdit DNS services for this domain have expired. To reactivate service for, log into your account and add credits. Thank you for using ZoneEdit

Below that is a google adsense type page with a bunch of spammy links and text and the message that “This is a future homepage”.

Did I miss a payment? What is going on? I log into the ZoneEdit area and see this in the billing section:

craiglist scam

Ok, balance = 0. That means we are all even, so what gives?

After looking in my spam folder (I never check it, there are over 1000 messages a month in there) I see they did send billing requests.

But even if I had read those messages, I would have logged in and seen that the billing says balance = 0 and assumed the e-mail was in error.

On top of that, they advertise 5 free domains, and I had only a total of 3 domain domains, so how they are calculating that I am using 6 out of 5 of those “Free Zones” is perplexing.

Stay away from ZoneEdit if you value your brand and/or web traffic. This particular downtime will cost a few thousand in lost revenue and a lot of frustration and lost time.

I am looking for a good alternative, for now I am just using the basic DNS services offered by Namecheap which I have found satisfactory.